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2007 Bocce by the Beach

News prides itself on being a little left of the centre. Cause that's where the pallino could be :-) What use is a game if you can't laugh at your friends?


Cheque Presentation: Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre
We presented a $4500 cheque to the Ray-Cam Cooperative centre. The money was used to buy much needed equipment for the kids.

Kids Up Front

Cheque Presentation: Kids Up Front
We presented a cheque to Kids Up Front for $4500. Thankyou to Cindy Graves and the team at Kids Up Front for continuing to provide unique opportunities to kids.

Kids Up Front

Bye Bye Tuuli ... and Hello Melissa
We bid a sad farewell to Tuuli who heads back east to head up a new office for SMAK media. Thank you thank you thank you Tuuli for all lthe hard work. You are missed. She came, she Bocced.

We Welcome on board Melissa Mandolidis into the PR role. May the Bocce be with you.

Easter Seals recieves our Donation was proud to present our donation of $3000 to The BC Lions Society For Children with Disabilities / Easter Seals.


Don't mean to brag. Don't mean to boast.
Jason and Jeremy retained the Greater Vernon Open Trophy with a devastating display of bocce. Yes Jason, they can check the spelling on the plaque ... it's the same as it was last year.

Ball Zone
The last offical event of 2005 was "The Boccefather - 2nd Annual Don Guiseppe." Adverts appeared in Vancouver's "24 hour" and were postered around the city. Look out for this years posters around town soon.


Press Coverage
24 Hours
The sign on 24 hours' lunch room door reads, "Bring on the bocce," in advance of the newspaper's first rooftop tournament. It's a tip of the hat to a financial adviser who brought bocce to Vancouver ...more of this article

The National Post
Would you tell an Irishman that you're a big fan of the bagpipes? Well, then don't ask a lawn bowler how his bocce club is doing. ...more of this article

The Vancouver Courier
Del Vicario promotes freestyle bocce, "which is more interesting and requires more creativity and imagination than standard bocce," he says. ...more of this article

News Feature Culture Sports Opinion
"When someone describes a sport as being “social,” it usually implies that drinking and smoking are involved. At least that’s my understanding. Whether it be golf, curling, or the tragic example of lawn darts, each of these recreations is well accompanied by a stiff highball. The strategising required almost demands some kind of cigar or bong on hand; something on which we may puff pointedly instead of a beleaguered picking at one’s broom." ... more of this article